Aid in Dying


Faith and Hope Hospice’s team of professionals exemplify with their knowledge and skills when practicing and presenting End of Life Care options available for people of all ages, gender and origin. Medical Aid in Dying is another option we have available for those who are considering it. Faith and Hope Hospice does not support nor deny this option. However, as “End of Life Care” professionals, we see it as an obligation to be ready, qualified and educated to provide and practice any and all “End of Life Care” options available, including “Aid in Dying” without judgements/personal opinions. We have a team of specialized physicians, social workers and nurses who will assess for qualification and educate and help you through this journey if/when requested. The following are the state of CA eligibility requirements for “Aid in Dying” law:

  • adult-18 years or older
  • terminally ill
  • prognosis of 6 month or less
  • mentally capable of making informed medical decisions
  • physician must inform person of all End of Life Care options available
  • two verbal requests (15 days apart), one written request
  • two physicians must confirm eligibility
  • two witnesses must attest to the voluntary nature of individual’s request
  • person must be able to take and ingest the medication themselves
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